Starting November 2nd: Sermon Series "Apprenticing in Matthew's Shop"

Carpenter at work

Carpenter at work

Join us this November for our sermon series titled “Apprenticing in Matthew’s Shop,” where we'll be exploring some key texts from Matthew’s story of Jesus where we'll be asking the "What does it mean to call one's self a Christian in 21st century North America?"

In the past Canadian society was more or less culturally Christian. Everyone at least identified themselves as one in some sense, and to be a good Christian was often synonymous with being a good, kind person, and respectable citizen. However, churches continue to shrink as people define themselves less and less Christian, leaving us with less of a clear sense of what being Christian means.

John Bowen, a Canadian Anglican priest suggests that today's church needs to think of itself differently. In order to meet the demands of our present post-Christian age, he suggests the church needs to be something more like a training ground for apprenticing people in the Way of Jesus Christ. Where people are deeply formed by life-giving and life-changing practices that equip them to love and serve the world that God loves. This November we’ll be wondering together that it means to follow in the Way of Jesus in time and place.

November 2: Celebrating All Saints Day—Matthew 23:1-12 (“But What are the Perks?”)

November 9: Matthew 25:1-13 (“Really Long Hours”)

November 16: Matthew 25:14-30 (“Shrewd Investments”)

November 23: Celebrating Reign of Christ Sunday—Matthew 25:31-46 (“You’ve Got this All Backwards”)