Take a Dip: Exploring the Way of Jesus

Sundays Nov. 1, 8, 22 and 29 before worship 9:00-9:50am in the Upper Lounge.

Care to dip a toe in to the Way of Jesus Christ? 

Jesus lived with the awareness that God is doing something, right here, right now, and anybody can be a part of it. He encouraged his listeners to search, to question, to wrestle with the implications of what he was saying and doing. Whether you're new to Jesus’ Way, considering baptism or confirmation, or just want fresh perspective, this series using the acclaimed NOOMA videos is for you. Come for this brief, four-part series outlining several basic questions and ideas that are at the heart of the Christian tradition.

Session 1: "Trees" on November 1 - "Do Our Lives Really Matter?"
Session 2: "Sunday" on November 8 - "Why Do We Do the Things that We Do?"
Session 3: "Rhythm" on November 22 - "What Does it Mean to Be In Relationship with God?"
Session 4: "Bullhorn" on November 29 - "Can We Separate Loving God and Loving Our Neighbors?"

Check out the Nooma Trailer Below.