Sermon: Sunday, November 22nd, 2015 Reign of Christ Sunday

John 18:33-38

This service centers on John 18:33-37. In this passage, Jesus has been arrested for sedition, and has been brought before the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate. Here, Pilate interrogates Jesus concerning as to whether or not he is a king. Jesus responds that his kingdom is not “of this world,” signifying that the kind of kingdom and way of life he represents is drastically different than the kingdoms of the world.

The Gospel of John is the Fourth Gospel (account of Jesus’ story of Good News) in the New Testament. The purpose of the Gospel is that people might have faith, and faith is a relationship of trust in God and Jesus Christ. People were created for relationship with God, and as the Gospel tells the story of Jesus in compelling ways it helps to bring people into that relationship, which brings abundant life.

It is Reign of Christ Sunday, the final Sunday and climax in the church year, and the last Sunday before the season of Advent. Its purpose is to celebrate the coming reign of Christ as King of the Earth and the entire renewal of creation that marks the fullness of the Kingdom of God. That hope is born from the entire life of Christ and his teachings that have been celebrated in year leading up to it. The liturgical colour is white, symbolizing holiness, virtue, respect and reverence. White is also the colour of resurrection.