anne bateman

Anne Bateman, Our Music Director

An Announcement from the Ministry and Personnel Committee

The following announcement was read on Sunday December 27th by Malcolm Horne, an Elder of St. George's Council and Chair of the Ministry and Personnel Committee.

Good morning. My name is Malcolm Horne, and I’m an elder of St. George’s Council and the chair of the Ministry and Personnel Committee.

It is with some regret that today we announce that Anne Bateman, our Music Director has given church council her notice of resignation. Anne has received a position in Winnipeg as a Hearing Aid Practitioner intern that begins February 1st of this year. This means that Anne’s final service with St. George’s as its Music Director will be January 17th.

Anne began as our Music Director three years ago. Over that time as a congregation we have enjoyed and appreciated her depths of musical knowledge, her skill as a conductor, and her passion for music. While we are saddened by this news, we are truly happy for Anne to have this new position and begin this exciting new chapter in her life.

In the interim, Eve Mark our accompanist has agreed to take on the duties as Music Director, and St. George’s will have a new accompanist, Kristopher Benoit on a week-by-week honorarium basis beginning the first Sunday in January while Eve takes a few weeks off. In the New Year, the Church Council will begin to assess the music ministry to discern the best way for us to move forward as a community of faith.

We’ll have a chance to say a more formal goodbye for her final service as Music Director on January 17th. In the meantime, we give thanks to God for Anne’s ministry with us, and wish all of God’s blessings for her future. Thank you.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact a member of the M&P Committee (Malcolm, Ula Nieuwejaar, or Gerry Haist).