Sermon: "Room for One More," January 15, 2017

Sermon: "Room for One More," January 15, 2017

We can be so naïve about community. Thinking that it’s just a lovely place where everyone is always nice and polite to each other, everyone follows proper etiquette and procedures. People share the same beliefs and political views. That true community is actually doing our best to avoid conflict, annoyance, and hypocrisy.

Blessing the Toy Library at its Grand Re-Opening

Seeing as how we as a faith community are doing this to bless the valley, Chair of St. George's Council Alison Mewett and I had the lovely opportunity to bless the space for the grand re-opening. We wanted a blessing that would be rooted in our faith tradition, but one that was inclusive in its scope, marking the space as one welcome to all people.

Men's Group Breakfast January 10

This Saturday, January 10th, we'll be holding our regular men's breakfast with "tastes of the Yukon." All men are welcome to come and share in good food, and greater conversation. We'll be using the New Year as an opportunity to perform a spiritual examen, looking back over the past year and looking forward to the promises of the coming year as well.

Come to the St. George's Fellowship Hall at 7:30am if you wish to help out with cooking, 8:30am to eat.