Council Remit Votes

by Margo Ellegood, Presbytery Representative

The General Council of the United Church of Canada has asked each presbytery and
congregation to vote on changes to the structure of the United Church. The Councils of all congregations are asked to vote on , as General Council calls them, remits. A remit, as a noun, is “an item referred to someone for consideration” There are 5 remits to deal with, at present we have completed 4.

The first Remit is for the United Church of Canada to be organized in a 3 Council Model vs a 4 . The intent of this is to create a sustainable and workable church structure in the face of a declining volunteer base and financial resources. Your council has voted for this.

The second remit is that the process of transfer and settlement for the Order of Ministry
be eliminated. This means churches will find their own Minister and all Orders of
Ministry will seek their own calls. This has already been happening the majority of the
time. Your council has voted for this.

Remit 3 asked we consider a denominational office of vocation be established. This would create a new permanent office of vocation as part of General Council structure. This would decrease regional involvement with ministers and your Council voted against it.

Remit 4 involved a new funding model of money going from our church to mission and
service, General Council and the Region districts etc. There were many variables to this
and your Council voted against it.

Our final remit will be dealt with in the fall. If you'd like to find out more about Remits visit or speak with Margo Ellegood.