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Theology for the First Time, Jan. 27/28, March 3/4, March 31/April 1

Anthony B. Robinson, an American pastor and church leader once said that theology is "practical wisdom," meaning that it is meant for the contemplation and living of everyday life. This is your opportunity for deeper study in the work and tasks of theology. St. George's is partnering with Vancouver School of Theology over three weekends to provide this opportunity for the engagement with crucial, relevant topics led by talented and engaging teachers.

Congratulations to Rev. Dr. Ed Searcy!

Rev. Ed Searcy

Rev. Ed Searcy

As many of you may know, my friend, mentor, and internship supervisor Rev. Dr. Edwin Searcy will be retiring from University Hill Congregation at the end of June after 35 years in ordained ministry in the United Church. This past Monday, Ed was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from his and my alma mater Vancouver School of Theology for his lifelong contribution to the life of the church and school.

Ed's mentorship and ministry have been life-changing and inspirational for my own. I often find myself asking WWED? ("What would Ed do?") when presented with a ministry challenge or opportunity. Recently, B.C. Conference of the United Church posted a video featuring Ed called "Following with Humility" where Ed describes true church leadership as being "caught up in following" Jesus. I've posted that video below.

Congrats Ed!