Sermon: "Gentleness Borne of Wisdom," September 20, 2015


This service is centered on James 3:13-4:3, and 4:7-8a. The book of James is traditionally attributed to James, the brother of Jesus. It is a letter that encourages the practice of responsible ethical action amid the complex realities of daily life. Empowered by wisdom as God's "implanted word," Christians are called to be not merely "hearers" but "doers" who show forth their faith in specific and practical acts of love and mercy that shape and sustain community.

In the reading, the author encourages the community to seek after wisdom that is from “above,” given generously by God to all who ask for it, which is full of mercy and good fruits, while turning their lives away from “earthly” wisdom that is selfish, “unspiritual” and deadly.


James 3:13-4:3, 7-8a

Sermon: "How to Be Happy" with Jason Byassee August 2, 2015

This Sunday we were pleased to have as our guest preacher Rev. Dr. Jason Byassee, the first Butler Chair in Hermeneutics and Homiletics (Interpretation and Preaching) at Vancouver School of Theology. Today Jason kicked off our sermon series on "The Psalms and the Life of Faith" with the following sermon.

Sent by the Wrong People to the Right Place

In the Christian tradition, we look at time through the lens of the church year. Thinking of time in this way reminds me of who I am and the story that I belong to that is different from other possible stories. It's not just a story I read, but one that I am living daily.  But what happens when the story you are raised in has become a drain? Something that is not life-giving, but one that creates pain, guilt and hurt?