At St. George's we spend most of our time focusing on worship, learning and service, but the work of the church requires all kinds of service, including these more governance-focused groups.

Our church council is the governing body of St. George's United Church between congregational meetings. It is comprised of Elders chosen for their gifts who are dedicated to the ministry and mission of our congregation.

The Church Council functions to oversee the life and activities of St. George's United Church and to assure that these reflect the purpose and faith of this church. The council consists of the officers of the Executive Committee (President, Treasurer, Secretary), representatives of the various ministry teams, and the called Minister.


Joyce Wilson, Chair
Alison Mewett, Secretary
Gino Tancon, Treasurer
Heather Pitman, Fellowship Team                                                        Jenny Millar, Ministry & Personnel Team
Ellen Wise, Mission & Service Team
Margo Ellegood, Presbytery Representative
Rev. Ryan Slifka, Minister in Charge

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