TGIS: Peace


December 9

This morning in worship at St. George’s, when I explained that the second week of Advent is the week of peace, I asked the children what peace means.  There were some less than expected answers: death, church, love.  There were some very typical answers: being kind, listening to others, being still & quiet.  Though the most common was some variation of not fighting with your brother/sister/mom/dad/grandma/teacher…


I explained to them that Jesus, and the Jewish people he learned from, and the people who follow him, think of peace a little differently than not something.  Peace is actually a verb, an action word, something you do.  I shared the Todd Parr story, “The Peace Book,” with them, where the author describes peace in terms of reading all kinds of books, helping a neighbour, planting a garden.  He also says that peace is everyone having a home, wearing different clothes, sharing a meal…and, of course, there being enough pizza for everyone.

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