TGI...S? Hope

After a *brief* (?) hiatus, I am back with TGI…S.  For the four weeks leading up to the mystery that is Christmas, I will be reflecting on the weekly church themes of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love.  Sunday being the first day of the week, it is my intent that these thoughts coming out on a Sunday give a little bit to chew on for the week in each of these themes.  These weeks are called Advent, a season of waiting, of anticipation, of preparation.  Advent is about listening for the promises God makes and waiting for those promises to be realised. While everything and everyone around us is in a hurry: shopping, baking, lighting, mailing…we take time to slow down.  This is internal preparation, not external preparation.  This is a time to actively work against the whirlwind around us and go slow. 

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