TGIF Friday May 18, 2018: C'mon Holy Spirit, set the church on fire!

TGIF May 18, 2018


The Holy Spirit has been on my mind this week…maybe it is because it is Pentecost – the time in the church year when we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit to Jesus’ disciples after his ascension – and so I have been reading and reflecting on these texts.  Maybe it is because I feel a renewed sense of God’s holy presence when I can feel the hot sun on my face and the cool wind at my back.  Maybe it is because of all the exciting initiatives coming up at St. George’s!  Who knows…all I know is that dwelling on the Holy Spirit is always  a good thing to do.


What I am Trusting

I am trusting in the Holy Spirit!  I am trusting in God’s presence within and around me.  I am trusting that the Spirit will stir in me an ability to love and serve that world that I cannot muster on my own.  And I am trusting that as I put one foot in front of the other each day, God will guide me and walk with me every moment.


What I am Grateful For

I am grateful for the days (like today) when I am tuned in to notice God’s presence.  This is not always an easy thing, especially in the day to day, regular bits of life.  For me, when I am in the highest points of life and my gratitude cup overflows, I can see God everywhere: in that tree!  In the laughter of a child!  In that hummingbird at the hanging basket on my deck!  In the face of my barista!  I also have a keener sense of God’s presence in the most painful places of life: slowly entering the dark bedroom of a friend who is crippled by depression, at the bedside of a young mom whose cancer diagnosis is bleak, as I drop earth on the lid of a coffin in a funeral service.  I trust in and am grateful for God’s presence in suffering.  Where I have to work a little harder to notice that God is all around me is when I am folding laundry, emptying the dishwasher, driving to soccer, scrambling to make dinner after dance class. 


What Inspires Me

Today I am inspired by folks who are willing to get real.  To get messy.  To get vulnerable in order to grow in love and deepen their journey with one another and with God.  It is risky to show up as our real selves, to tell the sometimes ikky truth of what is lurking in our innermost thoughts.  And yet God keeps bringing into my life these amazing and courageous people who share their broken beauty, striving for something better.


How I am Practicing My Faith

I love listening to podcasts for different perspectives on things, especially faith.  If you are looking for a 30-something perspective on faith in the United Church of Canada, check out  Maybe you are sick of that perspective from Ryan and I, so here are some other ones to check out, depending on your particular flavour:

Have you got a good one?  Share it in the comments section!