TGIF May 25, 2018: Enjoy the ride!


Enjoy the ride...

TGIF May 25, 2018


What I am Trusting

On Tuesday morning Todd (my spouse) and I went for what was supposed to be an hour-long trail ride on our bikes out at Seal Bay Park.  After getting turned around a couple of times after some wrong turns, and then back-tracking to get back on the right path, the ride ended up closer to two hours long.  I couldn’t help but see this as a life metaphor: we head out on what looks like a trail that will bring us to where we want to go but along the way we take wrong turns, cover the same ground, go back, try again, and end up a little sore, a little dusty and with some bruises here and there.  Now, I could’ve focussed on the fact that we didn’t know where we were some of the time, but I chose to enjoy the ride: the good company, the pleasant surroundings, the blood pumping. Because ultimately, that was what we were there for anyway – not to just get back to our car and get to work.  The journey will for sure get us dirty and leave us sore, but I cant trust it today as exactly what it needs to be.


What I am Grateful For

Monday was Victoria Day, and the kids and I spent the better part of the day in Cumberland at the parade and celebrations.  I ran into so many friends from church and the other communities I am a part of; after nearly three years in the Valley, I am blessed with wonderful relationships that go beyond the “hey how are you” in real and meaningful ways.  I love the Comox Valley and am so grateful that it now feels like home.


What Inspires Me

Tuesday night was a public meeting in the City of Courtenay to go over the initiative between the City and BC Housing/Government of BC to build new, supported, modular housing units for those experiencing or at risk of homelessness.  At the time the meeting was scheduled to start you couldn’t get in the door – City staff were directing folks into the hallways to listen in via speakers.  Many of the folks who would be eligible for these units are regulars in our drop-in and lunch club programs at St. George’s and many of us in the congregation know them well.  We had some fear that NIMBY ( would overwhelm the meeting and drown out support. Wednesday morning one of the drop-in volunteers who had arrived at the meeting early enough to get in and speak reported that those in attendance were about 70% in favour, and those who were in opposition had some fears allayed by the community members who spoke in favour of the project.  I am inspired by the folks in the neighbourhood who see the humanity of these folks when so many are unwilling to.


How I am Practicing My Faith

I love listening to Taizé music when I am doing yoga, meditating, or trying to focus.  Taizé is an ecumenical (Catholic and Protestant!) Christian monastic community in France that has become an important pilgrimage site, especially for youth and young adults.  The Taizé community encourages their community members and visitors to live in the spirit of kindness, simplicity, and reconciliation grounded in prayer, Bible study, sharing and communal work. You can find more on their website and you can find some of their albums on Google Play or iTunes (and on CD I am sure too!!).  My favourite is “Ubi Caritas” because it takes you on this meditative journey starting with bells, and including a psalm and a reading and many, many songs.

What do you listen to for grounding and/or inspiration?