TGIF Friday May 4th, 2018

TGIF May 4


Today is affectionately known as “Star Wars Day” and our kids celebrated heading off to school with their Star Wars shirts and Miss E with her hair done up in three buns just like Rey (the Leia buns were a close second choice).  I know that the rhythms of congregational life are deep in them because whenever someone says “May the 4th (aka may the force) be with you, they will often respond, “and also with you.”

What I am Trusting

This week I am thinking about the rhythms of life as a human being and the liturgical rhythms of the church. By this I mean the cycles of life of both people and the church and how much freedom there is in being a part of a tradition that honours that ancient cycle.

It seems we are often expected to be fine (Fine…FINE…I'm FFFFFINE!!!!) but no one can be fine or good all the time. No one should be fine or good all the time. The richness of life is found in the exhilaration of new love, the sorrow of loss, the bursts of unexpected joy, the lament of grief; the richness of life is found in the ups and the downs.  I appreciate that the cycles of the church give permission to have or a container for personal seasons of lament, of joy, of preparation/anticipation, and just ordinary time. 

This week I am trusting in the beautiful cycles of life that all of Creation partakes in and that we are held in by the church.

What I am Grateful for

I had my final interview for Ordination in the United Church of Canada on Wednesday and I am grateful for the relationships I have built along the way in this journey.  To know and be known be others in a place of vulnerability is such a gift, one that I do not take for granted.  These relationships are years in the making and a huge blessing.  (p.s. – they recognized my call and training, I will be ordained June 3rd!)

What Inspires me

This week I was chatting with Eddie (name has been changed for privacy), a regular in the soup kitchen at St. George’s United called “The Sonshine Lunch Club”.  We were outside enjoying the sunshine on the front steps of the church together talking about love.  Eddie was sharing with me about how he just wants there to be more love in the world, and he wants to do his part, so he is going to go play some music on the corner – not to make money but to share love.  Eddie surely could use some money, but as I left my office later that day, I could hear the sound of Eddie’s guitar and harmonica, and I waved as I drove past, noticing there wasn’t a case laid out to receive…just a gift to our neighbours in the form of a song.

How I am practicing my Faith

As many of you know, each morning I get up at 6 am, grab a cup of coffee and get into the big brown chair in my living room that my children call my “prayer chair”.  I light a candle and lately have been using an app called Pray As You Go which offers about 12 minutes of music, scripture, and reflection.  After that I spend some time writing in a prayer journal, chatting with God.  Lately, my 6-year-old son has been joining me and I am learning how to share this precious time of mine, holding in tension my desire for personal contemplation and my call as a parent to teach and make disciples of my children. I know God must be having a chuckle as I learn how to let go of my need to have things just so and embrace the tenderness of this little person learning to develop his own relationship with the Holy, squished in beside me on the big brown chair.