TGIF with Ingrid: Stop!

stop sign.jpg

Today I am sitting at a retreat centre in Squamish (well, about 17km outside of Squamish and about 12km outside of cell range), doing some consultation work for the wider church.


This week what I am Thinking about, what I am Grateful for, what Inspires me, and how I am living out my Faith, are all jumbled together, not separated out tidily.  I hope you are able to glean these four TGIF markers from what I have written, but if not, that is ok too.  Enjoy…


The Christian Bible is not one book, as some of you know, it is 66 books smooshed together and bound as one.  There are four we call the Gospels, which tell of the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  They are not perfect – they overlap and conflict and compliment one another.  And they are written with four distinctly different voices.  Right now, I am studying the Gospel according to Mark.

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