TGIF: Come and See


At the Christmas Eve candlelight evening service at St. George’s, more than 250 folks packed the house for a worship service of song, laughter, reflection and blessing.  It was amazing.  And it was also about 75 more people than we typically have on a Sunday morning.  I wonder what drew them to this place that night?


What I am Thinking About

“Come and See” John 1:39

Going to church on a Sunday morning isn’t a usual thing anymore – it has become a bit of an oddity. There are a zillion other places to go or things to do and for most folks, it doesn’t include waking up early, getting dressed, and heading into an old building with strangers to sing and pray and learn.  And yet new people come into the church all the time, not just at Christmas.  20 years ago, I was a new person walking into a room full of folks doing just that.


I am reading through (or rather, listening through) the book of John.  And John says to his buddies, hey you gotta check out this Jesus guy – he is the one we have been waiting for.  So, his friends go to meet him and ask about what he is up to.  And his answer is come and see.


And really, this is the invitation that always exists with this weirdo Jesus and his church of misfits: want to know what we are up to?  Come and see…Come and see this path over here that you never explored before.  Come and see this path that is different from the way you remember walking it as a child.  Come and see a different way, a new way.  Come and see what you have not seen before.  Come and see what you have been waiting for.  Come and see.


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