TGIS: Love

December 23, 2018


You may have heard it said already – the opposite of fear is not faith, but rather it is love.  Love and fear cannot exist in the same moment.  Love and nerves?  Of course! – ask anyone who has experienced a first kiss, a walk down the aisle, or been reunited with a sweetheart from long ago. 


What I am Thinking About

Love.  Surprise!  I have had several love awakenings through my life: that first young love, the love of church community and God I discovered as a teenager, the long-term and deeply rooted love of marriage.  After my daughter was born (10 years ago!) I experienced one of those awakenings.  In the days after her birth, as the shock and adrenaline began to wear off and I learned to adapt to so much less sleep, I became aware of a new kind of love that came with this wee babe.  It was a love I had never experienced, a love I didn’t even know existed.  WOW!  What a love!  I began to see with new eyes: if I love this baby this much, then my mom must love ME this much!  And my neighbour must love his kids this much!  And that stranger, and that stranger, all those people are SO LOVED!  I was suddenly aware of this other dimension of love that existed all around us to a degree that I could never have understood before. Previous to that, raised by a good feminist, I had struggled with the notion of a Father God.  But this awareness of the love that parent holds for their child shed new light on the way I could understand God’s love for each of us on earth.  Now I can relate to a Mother-Father God, parent of us all.

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