You already belong no matter who you are as you are when you come to St. George's, and you're invited to bring your own gifts to make us a more vibrant community of faith. Nonetheless, for many of us deeper participation in and commitment to a faith community is the next step in our journey and spiritual growth. We become Christians by individually dedicating our lives to following Jesus, but we become "church" by joining together with other people as a community of faith who to encourage and support each other as fellow pilgrims on our journey into the life of God.

You can fill out the membership application by clicking the button above. Membership normally requires taking our membership course or another alternative. See below for upcoming Membership courses, or for more information on Membership contact Rev. Ryan Slifka by clicking here.


Being in agreement with the Mission and Vision of St. George’s United Church, I now feel led by the Spirit to covenant with this church community. With God as my helper, I commit myself to God and to the other members as I promise to share in fulfilling the mission and ministry of this congregation: 

•      by deepening my discipleship with God in Christ through prayer, scripture and study

•      by attending worship faithfully

•      by regularly giving of myself, my time, my prayers, and my resources

•      by caring and praying for and serving other members

•      by discovering and using my gifts and talents for ministry

•      by participating in the fellowship of the church

•      by inviting others to worship and church activities

•      by warmly welcoming newcomers