Lent and Easter 2019

*April 19 (Good Friday) joint Service at 10:30am St. George’s United Church

*Easter Sunday is April 21st, and our Worship Service is at 10:30am.


For Lent, the season leading up to Easter, the congregation of St. George’s will be immersing itself in the practices of Christian Faith. Find out more about the season of Lent here.

  • Lent begins March 6 (Ash Wednesday) with the Imposition of Ashes/Worship 6:30pm joint service at Comox Valley Presbyterian Church. Revs. Ingrid and Ryan will also be providing "ashes to go" at noon on the church lawn.

  • Throughout the season we'll be taking up Six Marks of Discipleship. Each week of worship will feature a core spiritual practice for following Jesus: Prayer, Worship, Scripture, Spiritual Friendships, Service, and Giving. Following worship, there will be a mini-seminar on each practice for adults as a way to learn or refresh on the basics. Bring a bag lunch, and there will be a children's program on the same practices during the mini-seminar time.

    March 10 (First Sunday in Lent) Uplifted Through Spiritual Friendships
    March 17 (Second Sunday in Lent) Nourished by Weekly Worship
    March 24 (Third Sunday in Lent) Inspired by Scripture
    March 31 (Fourth Sunday in Lent) Transformed through Service
    April 7 (Fifth Sunday in Lent) Empowered by Prayer
    April 14 (Palm/Passion Sunday) Devoting our Resources

  • Finding God in All Things Lenten Retreat - To go deeper into the spiritual practice of prayer, we'll also be holding a Lenten Prayer Retreat, led by Catherine Kelly, retreat director at St. Mark's College/Parish UBC on April 6 - Register online here.

  • April 14 Spirituals in Spring - Sunday Session with Luke Blu GuthrieJoin local folk/blues musician Luke Blu Guthrie for a tour through the deep soul of the African-American spirituals tradition. By donation, with 3/4 to the artist, 1/4 to our charitable partner. 4:00-5:00pm.

  • Other Special Lenten Services:

    • April 18 (Maundy Thursday) Dinner/Worship 6:00pm joint service at Comox United Church

    • April 19 (Good Friday) joint Service at 10:30am St. George’s United Church

Open House Service October 21, 2018

welcome image.jpg

On Sunday, October 21st at 10:30am you’re invited to a special Open House service at St. George’s United Church. There’ll be great music, a relevant message, and a lunch to follow provided by our community.

This is our way to welcome you, whether you’re curious or skeptical, a seeker or long-time spiritual practicioner. No matter who you are or where you are in life, you’re invited to discover what our community has to offer. And enjoy free food, too!

Questions or comments can be directed to our Lead Pastor, the Rev. Ryan Slifka here.

Holy Week and Easter 2018

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As we process through the Season of Lent, we also make our way to the central celebrations of the Christian year--those of Holy Week and Easter.

This year, join us in the season of death and new life. For Holy Week, St. George's will be celebrating services on Palm/Passion Sunday, and a joint Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services with Comox United Church and Comox Presbyterian Church (for Good Friday). For Easter, we will be celebrating an Easter Sunrise service (with Comox United at Goose Spit) early morning, and Easter Sunday worship on Easter Day.

Schedule of Holy Week/Easter Services 2018

  • Palm/Passion Sunday March 25th 10:30am at St. George’s United Church
    Procession of the Palms
  • Maundy Thursday 29th 6:30pm meal provided and joint service at Comox Presbyterian Churc
    Please sign up to ensure there is enough food by contacting comoxpc@gmail.com or 250-339-2882
  • Good Friday March 30th 10:00am Joint Service at Comox United Church
  • Easter Sunrise Sunday April 1st 6:30am Joint Service at Goose Spit
  • Easter Sunday April 1st 10:30am at St. George’s United Church

About Holy Week/Easter

Holy Week is the last week of Lent. Beginning with Palm/Passion Sunday, it is the week that begins immediately to Easter Sunday. It is observed in many Christian churches as a time to commemorate and enact the suffering (Passion) and death of Jesus through observance and worship. Common observances include Maundy Thursday (the last supper), Good Friday (the crucifixion), and Holy Saturday (where Jesus lays in the tomb). 

Holy Week is important, especially in our own cultural context where Easter joy is celebrated, and often celebrated early (with Cadbury Easter eggs showing up as early as late February). Ours is a culture that often hides suffering, or seeks to escape it. While suffering is not a good thing, it is simply true that our world is filled with it, and that much of human life is touched by it. Whether personal, social, economic or environmental, it sits at the center of human existence.  It is important to place the hope and new life of the resurrection on Easter against the larger backdrop of death and endings as seen on the cross. Easter is figured as the divine answer not simply to the problem of death, but to the suffering of the world. It is only through walking under the shadows of darkness on Good Friday do we fully understand the light and hope of Easter Sunday.