June 2016 Safehaven Update

by Gary Stevenson

Safehaven announces a change in our sponsorship family. The Kurdish-Iraqi family in Beirut that we had entered into an agreement with to sponsor, has decided they want to move to Calgary to be closer to their immediate family(Sister and family). Under the terms of the Community Sponsorship that we were applying under, the sponsored family must live in the community they are sponsored from. By choosing Calgary we must withdraw our agreement. Good news for this family is that a United Church in Calgary, who already has the funds, will pick up their sponsorship. After 13 years of being a refugee, the father and family will finally be safe in Canada.

We will continue to fundraise towards our goal of bringing a family to safety in the Comox Valley. Our fundraising so far has approximately 13,500.00 in donations and pledges. We feel that we should be able to achieve our financial goal by this fall. Please stay tuned for more news of fundraisers.