September 2016 Safehaven Update

By Gary Stevenson

We have raised over $14,000.00 in donations and we strive towards 25k or more to support our application for a family rescue. You can still donate directly online at and click on ‘donate now’ or you can make a cheque payable to St. George’s United Church and put on the tag line refugee fund. The cheque can be mailed or dropped off at the church office. We thank you for your consideration in all these matters. We are very excited for the future.

Safehaven is developing a working relationship with the Inter-Cultural Association (ICA) of Greater Victoria. They are a Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH) for refugees with the Federal Government. This means they are pre-approved as a sponsor for refugees and receive lists of names of adoptable families to come to Canada. We had originally been applying through the United Church of Canada but they have filled their “quota” with the Canadian Government and are not receiving many names currently. The ICA is a very reputable group having sponsored and settled many families in the Victoria area. They have a marvelous website which you can view at

We will be traveling to Victoria in the near future to have our first meeting to work to a formal agreement with their board. This is an exciting learning experience for both parties as the ICA has never done this outside of Victoria before. More to come on this as the relationship develops.