At St. George's United Church, we believe service, outreach, and advocacy for justice are vital for any community attempting to follow Jesus Christ. At St. George's we hope to be filled with God's love and mercy so that might spill out and wash over our community. We do not do so out of a sense of obligation, but a sense of freedom and thanksgiving.

The ancient Christian theologian Gregory of Nyssa once reminded his flock that "The stranger, those who are naked, without food, infirm and imprisoned are the ones the Gospel intends for you." In performing acts of justice and mercy we believe that we are meeting Jesus in those we serve. In recognizing this, we open ourselves to the change that true relationships offer both those serving and those being served.

St. George's operates a Food Pantry on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and partners in the Sonshine Lunch Club as ways of building transformative relationships and offering grace and mercy in the spirit of Jesus.