Mission Survey

For the past year, St. George’s Council has been studying, discussing, and praying on whether we need a new mission statement as a congregation. It was agreed that our present mission statement is a strong statement of the basics of individual Christian discipleship. However, we came to believe that while it is an effective statement for individual faith, it is hard to measure or aim for as a community:

“To follow Jesus Christ and his example of love, forgiveness and faithfulness to God.”

We did not leave the mission statement behind, but we wanted to state it in a fresh way that said clearly what we believe we are called by Christ to do and be. The statement below is the product of the past year’s discernment by the church’s leadership under the movement of Inviting, Inspiring, Investing:

Led by the Holy Spirit, the purpose of St. George’s United Church is to:

“Invite people to experience authentic, loving community
that inspires changed lives in the Way of Jesus Christ
in order to invest our lives and resources in the world God loves.”

We believe this new statement will give us clearer focus as a community of faith in all of our work together. We are asking for your input and discernment on this statement to ensure it reflects the faithful mission and ministry of this community of Jesus Christ as we move forward together.

Please fill out the survey on or before May 21st.

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