God's Mission, Our Gifts

St. George's and its many ministries are funded almost exclusively by the financial gifts of its members and the wider community. Giving to St. George's makes a difference in that it shapes hearts and lives and helps people with concrete assistance like food and friendship.

There are many ways to give. St. George's is a registered charity, and all donations over $20 with names and mailing information will receive a tax-deductible charitable receipt.

Best: Pre-Authorized Remittance
(Regular Automatic Withdrawal or Credit Card giving)


The best way to give is by signing up for PAR--Pre-Authorized Remittance. When you sign up for this, your offering is withdrawn automatically from your bank account or charged to your credit card at the same time every month.

This way is best for us because it requires very little administration, requires no physical counting, and ensures consistent giving that helps us plan our finances.

This way is best for you because you don't have to worry about carrying cash or signing cheques, and it's the way for you to set aside your giving before anything else.

To sign up for PAR, simply fill out this form and return it to the St. George's office with a voided cheque or your credit card information and we'll handle the rest.

Next Best: Online Giving

online giving.jpg

You can make immediate one-time, or even ongoing weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly donations through our online giving portal.

This way is very helpful for us because it requires little administration and no counting of funds, and is deposited in our account automatically on a monthly basis. If you sign up for monthly giving, this option is better than giving envelopes. There is a slightly higher fee than PAR, however.

This way is very helpful for you because you can receive an instant charitable receipt and you can keep track of and manage your giving by signing up for a giving account.

Click here to donate now or to create an online account

NextEST Best: Weekly Offering Envelopes


Weekly offering envelopes come with a personal giving number for you. This way you can tuck your cash or cheque in during the week so it's ready to drop in the offering plate on Sunday or in the office mailbox during the week.

These are helpful for us because it is more likely to ensure consistency in giving and is far easier to count and keep track of than loose cash or cheques.

These are helpful to you because they are a good reminder and an easy way to divide up your givings.

The only downside for us is that they do take counting and more administrative time. The downside for you is that you might forget them at home.

To sign up for offering envelopes, simply email the St. George's Office by following this link and filling out the offering form at the bottom of that page, with "Offering Envelopes" as the subject line. Then you'll be assigned your number and you can pick up the envelopes on Sunday morning or the office during the week.


Still Pretty darn good: one time donations by cash or cheque


We are, of course, grateful for any and all of your generous gifts. You can donate by cash or cheque in the offering plate any Sunday, drop it by the office while it's open or in the 6th street mailslot when it's not, or mail it in if it's a cheque.

Click here for our mailing address.