Nominating Candidates

Each year, leaders are raised from the congregation into positions of governance (click here for the Organizational Chart).

All candidates must be nominated for the position, and candidates may nominate themselves.

Contact the church office for more information on nominations.

Positions and descriptions

Members of the Board of Elders
Elders are chosen as the spiritual leaders of the congregation. They are focused primarily on discerning the Mission and Vision of the church. Elders are “big picture” people of mature faith are also Full Members of St. George’s.
Board of Elders Position Description

Stewards are entrusted with overseeing the management and deployment of the congregation’s financial and physical resources to support the Mission and Vision of the congregation.  Stewards are trustworthy, detail-oriented people who love making a practical difference.
Committee of Stewards Position Description

Ministry & Personnel Committee
The M&P Committee ensures good and mutually beneficial relationships between staff and the congregation. M&P Committee members are attentive people that prize healthy relationships.
M&P Committee Position Description (to come)

Nominate Using this Form

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